Hands-on session

Hands-on sessions

We will organize 4 hands-on sessions that aim at putting into practice data access as well as tools to analyse the data.

The first session on Monday afternoon will be an overview of SunPy, introduction of Sunpy core and Sunpy-soar (the Solar Orbiter data archive), and touch on the majority of the topics that will be presented at the PyHC summer school that is running in parallel at ESAC.

The two sessions on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon will focus on accessing, plotting, exploit data from the remote-sensing and in situ instruments.

The session on Wednesday morning will focus on how to connect the different sets of data with connectivity tools, as well as introduction on how the short-term planning and pointing of the right regions of the Sun is made during the Solar Orbiter observing windows.

These sessions will all be interactive. More information on the software needed during the sessions can be found below; it is best to install them shortly before the school begins to avoid compatibility and installation time overheads. Please contact us if you need more info!


Technical requirements for the hands-on sessions



Here is the link to the GitHub for SunPy: link
with instructions on how to run it. You can either install it locally, or run through binder on your browser (there's a link on the page). 


The notebooks may have some last minute changes so the suggestion is to wait until Monday before downloading.




(in-situ and connectivity)


 up-to-date browser (not IE)

 Please register in advance at amda@irap.omp.eu with subject=SO-School


 AMDA presentation and hands-on (PDF, PPT): general and EPD 


 Python 3.7+, Anaconda + Spyder or equivalent environments

 Please install speasy in advance following https://speasy.readthedocs.io/en/stable/installation.html 


 Speasy presentation

 Jupyter notebooks (general): https://github.com/cdppirap/speasy_examples/

 Jupyter notebook 1 (PAS, MAG hands-on)

 Jupyter notebook 2 (EPD hands-on)


 up-to-date browser (not IE)



 JAVA JRE 8+ or openjdk+icedtea


 Propagation Tool

 JAVA JRE 8+ or openjdk+icedtea


 Tutorials for Prop Tool and Connect Tool



 up-to-date browser


 Tutorials for Prop Tool and Connect Tool


The tutorial for the connectivity tool is available at this link


Updated 31/05/2022





Technical requirements for the hands-on sessions




 Tool Requirement URL
 SOAR Up-to-date browser  http://soar.esac.esa.int/soar/
Install JHelioViewer beta version from http://swhv.oma.be/download_test
helioviewer.org  Up-to-date browser  
Python 3
Libraries to be installed:
  • sunpy
  • sunpy-soar
  • sunraster

This should automatically install astropy.




STIX requirements/tutorial: at this link.

EUI and SPICE tutorial: at this link.

EUI and SPICE data for the remote-sensing data tutorial can be pre-downloaded at https://owncloud.ias.u-psud.fr/index.php/s/5oE9sLGneHtZEaH to avoid being blocked by networking issues during the session.

Updated 01/06/2022



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